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Freiberger Compound Materials GmbH is a worldwide leader in compound semiconductor substrates. Freiberger has established an outstanding reputation as the sole supplier to offer both VGF (Vertical Gradient Freeze) and LEC (Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski) material and is well known for its use of very efficient and highly automated production techniques - from synthesis and monocrystalline growth to wafer polishing and cleaning.
We are very proud to help this customer with leading edge simulation methods, like FEM-Calculations to improve production technics and plants.


Scia Systems was one of the first customers of the business unit AIPcalc. We realized for the company several calculations for the development of new coating plants for the optical industrie. Based on our calculations it was possible to increase the efficiency of the heating system.


MBF GmbH is manufacturing company for machine parts and tools made of steel, stainless steel, plastics and nonferrous metals. We support the company through FEM calculations for new customized parts and tools.


GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the world's first full-service semiconductor foundry with a truly global manufacturing and technology footprint. Launched in March 2009 through a partnership between AMD and the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), GLOBALFOUNDRIES provides a unique combination of advanced technology, manufacturing excellence and global operations.
Within different simulation projects we could help the GLOBALFOUNDRIES site in Dresden with their R&D aims.


With the University of Technology Chemnitz we work together in different projects as partner and subcontractor. We bring our competencies in FEM- and material calculations in the projects.

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