AIPcalc – When Benefits Add Up.

Calculated Processes, Measurable Successes.

AIPcalc – When Benefits Add Up.

Calculated Processes, Measurable Successes.

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The microelectronics industry is faced with contrastive requirements, on the one hand it is important to increase the functionality and on the other there is the request to develop smaller components. Our multi-physics simulation can actively contribute to the improvement of product and production.

Simulations in Microelectronics

Microelectronics is a driver of innovation for many other industries, including energy, automotive and communication. Therefore it needs modern methods to meet the requirements of the sector. We offer multi physical simulation describing various effects such as  temperature and flow in components under operating conditions. This enables us to manage difficulties of smaller components and increase the life span and quality at the same time.

Our services für Microelectronics:

Thermal Circuit Analysis

Temperatures have a significant impact on the functionality and performance of circuits. By FEM simulations, temperature developments and progressions in electronic components can analysed. Using these findings, the system can be optimized in terms of temperature distribution and performance.

Components Manufacturing

Production processes in microelectronics, such as the waver production are highly complex and sophisticated. In addition to the known factors also processes on a molecular level taking place and influence the result. The molecular dynamics can be analysed by simulations and give starting points on a molecular level to improve the manufacturing processes.

Product Integration


During integrating of a new component into an existing system, various factors beside size and functionality play a central role. In addition to the temperature also other factores like vibrations have an influence on the component. For example the number of necessary fittings is important to reduce vibrations and increase the life time of the product. These influencing factors can be depicted using FEM simulation.

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