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Multi-Physiks FEM Simulation

For manufacturing, a number of physical and chemical parameters such as pressure, temperature and ratio have a decisive influence on the final result. These parameters can often only be optimised by time intensive tests which are material expensive. At the same time they are a key success factor in production process.

Our analyses, simulations and calculations are based on the Finite Element Method. This Method is a numerical technique used to calculate the static and dynamic properties of the product or process. The analysis is mainly applied to mathematically detectable field problems. In the process the component is mathematically replaced by many regularly shaped elements (finite elements). Based on this division can find an approximate solution that comes arbitrarily close by optimizing the real solution for the component.
This method can be applied to almost all industrial operations and production processes in which the physical-chemical behavior of solids, liquids and gases need to be analyzed.

AIPcalc – Integral part of your success

We offer various services for your R&D project. We support you in finding optimization potentials, and assist you during the solution prozess set up and FEM calculations and support you up to the finished product. We also examine the possibility of public fundings to reduce your expenses.

Our calculations and simulations help finding solutions for a variaty of problems in different industries and for many different issues. Among other things, we calculate and analyze for you questions from the following areas:

  • Electrodynamics

  • Temperature distribution

  • Reactor Design

  • Fluid dynamic calculations

  • Optimization of production parameters

Incorporated with simulation we also use our expertise in materials calculation, giving our customers a unique new insights and findings.

We use several on market available software, such as:

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