AIPcalc – When Benefits Add Up.

Calculated Processes, Measurable Successes.

AIPcalc – When Benefits Add Up.

Calculated Processes, Measurable Successes.

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The development of industrial plants and special-purpose machines requires a lot of know-how. We support you finding innovative solutions for your problem. Our customized FEM-simulations enables us to optimize your plantdesign fast and efficient.

Simulations in Engineering

To solve the specific problems in engineering, such as flow-, temperature- and stress processes we use multiphysical  FEM simulations. These calculations give you a deep insight into your system. We assist you in improving your system step by step and advise you in the development of more efficient and powerful machines. With our methods, you can reliably define the requirements for material and machines, which results in a minimized failure risk and an increased operational life span.

Our services for Engineering:

Process Development

The development and implementation of new manufacturing processes for a new or existing system is often complex and requires a lot of know-how. By simulating, the various relevant parameters such as temperature, pressure and concentration its influences can be identified and considered in the development process.

Design optimization

The design of systems and components always faces developers with new challenges. During operation all components are affected by different external forces and factors, which already should be considered during development. With FEM calculations we can identify and visualize these influences, and optimize your design, e.g. with respect to the influences of temperature, flow, material and various other parameters.

Material Demands

Quality and durability in machinery and plant engineering a have particularly high significance for customers, as they are one of the most distinguishing features. Breakdown of a machine during production causes high costs, this risk can be reduced in advance. By means of FEM simulations loads and external influences  to materials and components which are exposed during production can be determined in advance. Based on these results, the properties and durability of the components can be optimized during the development phase.  

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