AIPcalc – When Benefits Add Up.

Calculated Processes, Measurable Successes.

AIPcalc – When Benefits Add Up.

Calculated Processes, Measurable Successes.

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The energy industry is changing. The global demand of energy with an affordable price increases. For this purpose new innovative solutions need to be developed. By use of FEM simulation, we support you at early stages of product and project development.

Simulations in Energy

The energy industry is facing a variety of challenges, the application of FEM simulations and analyses can help to simplify and to increase the understanding of a system. The fields of application are as extensive as the industry itself. From the prediction of temperature distributions to the description of solar cells and wind turbines we can apply our FEM methods. By using our calculations you can evaluate concepts more efficiently and improve them faster compared to the traditional prototyping and testing methods. .

Our Services for Energy:


Flow Analysis

Flows are very complex and can hardly be monitored in place. Therefore, the only possibility to show the process is the use of flow simulations. Currents, for example, in air and water are particularly relevant for the developments in the field of renewable energy. Compared to experimental methods and measurements they capture globally all physical quantities and not just individual measure points on selected locations. With our simulations you can speed up your developments.

Termo-Mechanical Calculations


Temperatures have a major impact on the reliability of materials. Using FEM simulation,  changes in the temperature and time dependent material properties can be illustrated. These processes are, e.g. relevant for the development of photovoltaic sytems.

Assemblies Development

During development of complex systems and assemblies a multitude of physical factors have to be considered. The description of the systems by computer modelling and calculations helps to save development time and costs. In the energy sector FEM simulations are used in the develop-ment of fuel cells. The simulations gives you an overview of the physical and chemical processes within the  fuel  cell.

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