AIPcalc – When Benefits Add Up.

Calculated Processes, Measurable Successes.

AIPcalc – When Benefits Add Up.

Calculated Processes, Measurable Successes.

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In recent years, the automotive industry has been faced with many changes and associated challenges. We support you to meet these new tasks with our spezialized FEM methods.  

Simulations in Automotiv

The automotiv sector is characterized by high complexity. Government, market and consumer demand better fuel efficiency and less environmental impact. In addition, the industry is exposed to a strong cost pressure, which faces OEMs with great challences such as increasing complexity, diversity of variants, developing new models or the investment in alternative drive systems. We simulate the behaviour of components, fluids and materials  during the design phase which ensures lasting functionality. Together with our customers, we face the challenges of the industry and offer you flexibility, know-how and performance.

Our services for Automotiv:

Component Optimization

The requirements on components are varaying, therefore we have different starting points for optimization. Depending on the current requirements, e.g. weight can be reduced, material costs can be minimized or the assembly cost can be reduced by optimizing the number of fittings. Besides this choice of material can play a crucial role where our expertise in material calculations can be applyed. 

Stuctural Mechanics

This type of analysis is a classical field of FEM calculations. For instance they can be used to test the stability and strength of an assembly.

Process Development

The production of components and assemblies is a complex process in which the available resources such as energy, materials, time and manpower must be used intelligent and efficient. By simplifying and optimizing individual process steps extensive results can be obtained. Dynamic FEM simulation can represent single processing steps and show potentials for optimization. 




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